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First Aid Kit - Vehicle - Black Nylon Bag

Item #:606-228
Regular Retail:$22.95
  • Details:
A great first aid kit for any vehicle. Easily fits under a seat or in the trunk. Easy to refill. Water and dust resistant.

Kit Contents:
#607 Certi-Strips. Plastic 1"x3" 16/unit
#622 Bandage Compress 2" 1/unit
#624 Bandage Compress 4" 1/unit
#636 Triangular Bandage w/pins 1/unit
#637 Certi-Gauze Pads 3"x3" 4/unit
#652 Certi-Tape 1/2" x2.5 yds 1/unit
#659 Certi-Burn Cream 1gm 6/unit
#675 Antiseptic Towelettes 10/unit
#696 Absorbent Compress 32 sq in 1/unit
#816 Gloves, Nitrile 1 Pair 1/unit