Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors

How do I create a new class?

  1. On the left menu, click “Course Locations” and be sure your course location is listed.
    1. If no, scroll to the bottom and click “New Location” fill out the appropriate fields and click “submit.” You will only need to add a location one time.
  2. Click on “Courses” from the left menu.  Scroll to the bottom and click “New Course”
  3. Please enter your course information.  Be sure to use the date selection and time selection tools.

How do I add students to a course?

  1. From the course information page, click on “list course memberships”
  2. If this is a new student, click “Create new student and course membership”
    1. Enter the student’s info.  Do not enter the instructor email address in this field.  Leave it blank if needed.  Click submit when done
  3. If this is a student already in the system, you can click on “Create course membership for existing student”
    1. Start typing the students name in the box.  Their name should appear in the drop down menu.  Select their name to add them to this course.

How do I add skill sheets to a course?

  1. From the course info page, click on “score” on the right side on the screen.
  2. Begin to type the students name and select it from the drop down menu.  Students but be added to the course before a skill sheet can be entered.
  3. Check off the skills that have been complete. You can use the “check all” button to add all skills
  4. Make sure “Grade Complete” is checked off
  5. Add the written test score (BLS Provider class only)
  6. Click submit when done.

How do I add course evaluations for a class?

There are two options…

  1. From the course information page, click on “Add course evaluation”
    1. Enter the course evaluations from paper evaluation forms handed out during a class.
  2. From the course information page, click on “Add course evaluation.”
    1. Give your students the web address located in the address bar (example-
    2. Students can enter this into their phone/tablet/computer browser and access the course evaluation right there. There is no need for a student to log in to complete the evaluation.

How do I know if I added all required items to my class and it’s ready to be printed?

There needs to be a completed skills sheet and evaluation for every student added to the class. When all the required items are entered, “Needs Processing” will appear under your course number. Once “Needs Processing” appears LifeSavers will print your cards and mail them out after payment has been received.

How do I look up a student to see when they expire?

  1. From the left menu, click on “Students.” Type in the student’s first name, last name, or email address to search.  Click “Search” on the right to search for students.
  2. Click on the students name then click “View course memberships.”  This will list all classes the student had attended.

How do I pay for my cards?

From the course info page you will see a link to “Pay for cards online.”  From here you can enter the number of students and your course number to pay for a class.  If you require another payment method, please contact LifeSavers, Inc at 973-244-9111.