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American Heart Association (AHA) eLearning allows students to complete the online portion of a class (Part 1) at their own pace, then gain comfort performing skills during the skills practice session with an AHA instructor (Part 2). Once a student is comfortable with their skills they will complete a skills test (Part 3) to finish the requirements for certification. Part 1 of the course includes cognitive learning. Part 2 and Part 3 require students to meet with an American Heart Association instructor for an in person skills practice and skills test.

LifeSavers Inc. provides emergency medical response products and training to businesses, the public sector, and other organizations nationwide. Established in 1992, LifeSavers works closely with it’s customers to design, implement and continually assess safety and emergency response programs. Our Online Certification Courses provide everything you need in order to get the Certification you want to achieve. LifeSavers, Inc. has taught over 250,000 people and medical professionals how to administer CPR. Now you can take part of your CPR training online with LifeSavers Inc. You can do this from anywhere in the United States or even while you travel.

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