A highly trained instructor will come to your location, day or night, to teach your employees how to save a life.

LifeSavers, Inc. is available to provide on-site training with flexible scheduling options for businesses and organizations. We are able to train your staff weekdays, weekends, evening hours and overnight shifts. A minimum of nine students per class is requested. Please call to request more information and a personal consultation with an instructor.

  • Meets first aid guidelines by OSHA, as well as current guidelines for Emergency Cardiac Care.
  • Combines visual, auditory and hands on training to engage the range of learning styles.
  • LifeSavers, Inc. instructors can assist you in assessing your unique risks and focus training sessions accordingly.

Create a Safer Workplace

Medical emergencies and accidents on the job cost American companies billions of dollars each year in lost wages, healthcare expenses, lawsuits and workers compensation claims. Reduce these costs by teaching your employees how to prevent workplace emergencies and how to properly respond when they occur.

To speak with a LifeSavers, Inc. representative please call 973-244-9111 or fill out our contact form to have a representative contact you.