Instructor Information

Materials, supplies, and online course management tools. LifeSavers Instructor Network has been created especially for CPR Instructors to support them in building their businesses. We have over 1000 instructors in our network because we have made it easy for instructors to manage all aspects of setting up classes, getting post class evaluations, and eliminating endless paperwork with our fullly customized Lifesavers CPR Instructor Network Service. We want you to be part of our network and will do everything we can to help you grow your CPR training business.

This page is intended solely for use by LifeSavers, Inc. affiliated instructors. Students who wish to register for classes at LifeSavers please proceed to our class schedule page here.

Our New Course Management Program

We have switched over to our new course management system as of Dec 1st, 2015. This system is designed to reduce the amount of paperwork, simplify the process for submitting classes, and allow instructors to better manage their students. You will not need to use this website to register a class, as all tasks are now completed via the new program. Clink the link below to access the new website. Please reference the User Guide below for instructions on how to access and use the system.