The Reason Why All Schools Need a Defibrillator

This article is validation that every school and every high school especially needs people who know CPR and have an AED to save an athlete, a son, a child or a parent.  Below is the CPR  rescue story from  “My Central Jersey”, a local New Jersey newspaper which tells the powerful story  of  when a high school CPR rescue matters.  This is a great CPR survival story where every second really does matter. The life saving story based on CPR training from Edison, New Jersey encapsulates why knowing CPR is so important.

This story is just one of thousands of examples where High School CPR can save lives and/or the trauma associated with a heart attack or emergency high school basic life support care.
At Lifesavers, Inc. we have dedicated over 25 years to this mission and we are so pleased this life was saved by the right CPR preparedness and quick CPR response from the community and the training of the athletic director , student and teacher CPR training required by the state.
Wishes for being well to all- Lifesavers, Inc.

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