Over 2,500 people from more than 30 international countries  were joined by Lifesavers, Inc in San Diego.  The 2500 proponents for CPR education and training  marched along with more than 50 cardiac arrest survivors.

This march was done in conjunction with representatives from the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation through the streets of downtown San Diego to help raise awareness on the importance of being prepared when someone is in need of CPR or the use of an AED device. The Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update (ECCU) has been working in this area for over three decades.


To date, more than 2 million lives have been saved by CPR

Tom P. Aufderheide, M.D., president of Citizen CPR Foundation and faculty member of the Medical College of Wisconsin, praised the host city as a, “a shining example of how communities can come together to improve survival rates.”

Citizen CPR Foundation, holds its International ECCU conference every two years and Lifesavers, Inc is always proud to attend with the American Heart Association, the   American Red Cross and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.  
One of the most talked about changes in resuscitation guidelines at ECCU 2015, was Compression Only CPR.  A report from the Institute of Medicine,CPR_March_Graphic  unfortunately every year, approximately 300,000 men, women and children in the United States die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Almost 80 percent of those occur at home!  Have you thought about this—Are you ready if someone you loved had a heart attack?




The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is a national community benefit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and saving lives. Programs include educational campaigns for secondary schools and colleges and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Network, an online community that provides peer support and opportunities for survivors and family members to participate in awareness, advocacy, and research initiatives.


Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update:


ECCU showcases the latest science, concepts, ideas and strategies to improve clinical performance, teaching methodology and community response to sudden cardiac arrest. ECCU is the only conference that brings together all members of the Cardiac Chain of Survival – including physicians, nurses, CPR and ECC educators, EMS providers, ECC advocates and survivors.


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