South Carolina Requires CPR Training in High Schools

On April 22nd governor Nikki Haley signed a bill requiring all high school students be trained in CPR. House Bill 3265 was sponsored by over 20 representatives and and was approved unanimously. 

“This legislation ensures a future of citizenry with the confidence necessary to assist in life-threatening events. Confidence gained through CPR training, which empowers action. Action that can save lives,” said Senator Malloy, who co-sponsored the bill. 14 state and national organizations helped bring this legislation including the American Heart Association.

South Carolina is now the 30th state to pass a CPR requirement in High School. With over 300,000 incidences of cardiac arrest outside of a hospital per year, having a people trained is crucial. Survival rates significantly increase when trained help is nearby. This bill was partly inspired by Ronald Rouse, a 330-pound defensive lineman for the Hartsville Red Foxes who collapsed and died during a 2012 football game.


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