Everyday Our Heart Pumps Blood to Circle the Earth 2 Times!

While we are so busy with all the daily demands of our lives, it is helpful for us to be aware how important a healthy heart function is to our very existence.

Scientists have measured the amount of blood actually circulating through our systems on a daily basis and it is an enormous amount of blood we process.  

Our heart pumps blood a distance of over 60,000 miles per day throughout our body providing vital oxygen and nutrients to sustain our brain, our breathing and other physical functions we need to survive. This distance is equal to our blood going around the world twice every day!  

With this in mind it is easier to understand why it is so important to maintain a continuous flow of blood throughout ones body. In times when a person has a health issue which prevents normal blood flow, it is important to be able to respond quickly to get the heart circulating blood throughout the body and especially to the brain as quickly as possible to minimize any long term negative impact from the lack of oxygen. This is why it is so critical to know CPR and how to operate an AED to act quickly to save a life and also preserve the quality of live of the survivor.

Almost 1000 people die each day to some form or heart failure in the U.S.  There are literally thousands of lives and families each week impacted by these traumatic situations each week and over 80% of the heart attack issues occur at people’s homes. This means you should consider being ready to act on a moments notice to help save your close family members and friends.

At Lifesavers Inc., our Lifesavers Network of trained professional have dedicated our careers to this mission of rapid response and training millions of people in the importance of learning CPR and how to operate an AED. Whether you are a parent, a child of an aging parent or a medical professional anyone can be confronted with the need to act in a trained and timely manner to save a life. We encourage you to think about the marvel of how well our heart works most of the time and prepare to act to help another on the few occasions a heart of someone else may need a helping hand… they may be your hands so be ready! You will be glad you took the few hours needed to be certified in CPR to be able to act with the skill and confidence you need to help a family member, friend or any person in need.

Take a look at our online classes and our classroom classes to get fit in CPR and First Aid or contact us directly with any questions!


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