CPR Requirements for High Schools in Utah

The state of Utah, UT requires CPR Certification for all High School Students. Lifesavers, Inc. is certified by the American Heart Association to teach CPR in your school. We offer very convenient CPR Certification Packages especially designed for your High School in Utah, no matter your location: Salt Lake City, Provo or Park City…to provide the best fitting CPR Training for your School. Please give us a call at 866-641-1200 or contact us by using our contact form. We are looking forward to answer all of your questions and to find the perfect CPR Class for your High School.

Utah - High School CPR - Lifesavers, Inc.

Performance Measures for the High School CPR/AED Training Program beginning in FY 2015

  1. Instruction in both CPR and the use of an AED are to take place during the required Health class for 10th Grade students in high school as outlined in the Secondary Health Core Curriculum (Standard 4, Objective 2 a-e). This instruction is to be consistent with the training outlined in (5) a-b of these performance measures.
  2. Each high school that has received funds for the use of CPR and AED Instruction for Students must have an identified faculty member or district representative responsible for tracking these performance measures.

a. A record of all participating high schools shall be kept by an identified district representative and submitted to the State Office of Education as part of the application process

3. Each participating high school must have access to adequate training equipment (recommended 1:6 ratio – 1 mannequin for every 6 students).

a. Access may come in the form of purchasing and owning the mannequins or working with a local EMT, Fire Department, or other local agency or group to use their mannequins as part of the training

4. Each participating high school must keep records of all training to include:

  1. Number of students trained
  2. Number of training instructors (recommended 1:6 ratio – 1 instructor for every 6 students)
  3. Any recordable successful use of CPR/AED during an emergency by student or faculty member for the potential recognition of students and faculty before the Bureau of EMS and Preparedness, State School Board, and/or State Legislature
  4. These figures are to be collected by the identified faculty member or district representative at the end of the 2nd and 4th quarters and submitted to the Teaching and Learning Health Specialist at the Utah State Office of Education for tracking purposes.
  1. Each participating high school must comply with the program requirements laid out in the application process. Those requirements include, but are not limited to:
    1. Certified instruction that follows the most current national evidence-based ECC (Emergency Cardiovascular Care) guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
    2. Instruction that includes both cognitive (visual) and psychomotor skill-based (hands-on) training for each student, unless they are physically unable or their parents elect to have their child not participate. Cognitive training is to take place prior to psychomotor training.
  2. A record of each application for CPR and AED Instruction Funds – and the ensuing amount of funds reimbursed to each school or district – shall be kept by the State Office of Education for tracking purposes